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Open Garden visits

This is a new activity organised by Trixie.

It is planned to visit a number of gardens during the summer this year (2020) so please watch club notices for dates and information.

On 24th August 2019 a group of members visited an open garden at Eureka, Buckham Road, Westerham. This was very succesful ‘Gorgeous hot sunny day, wonderfully interesting garden and great tea and cakes’ was the response


  1. Margaret Burton says:

    Would love to join in these evenings but only have a small house and could only accommodate 6 people at one table.


    • Do not worry, games evening is held by a member with more room. Many members live in smaller flats so there is no expectation that you do more than you are able, but hosting six is ideal if you are in the canasta group!


  2. Margaret Burton says:

    Many thanks. I think I need to come to one of your monthly meetings to introduce myself.

    Can you tell me when the next one is please.

    Margaret Burton


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